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Dave joins K3-Innovations with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields. For the first 15 years he was a statistical programmer, working in diverse therapeutic areas including CNS, oncology, ophthalmology, women’s health and critical care.

As well as traditional statistical programming such as building data sets and creating tables, listings and figures, Dave found himself working on several special projects. “I didn’t come into the ranks through the typical career path, and I wasn’t content to simply analyze the data. I wanted to work with people from all over the industry, and I’d volunteer for anything to get out of the office. I worked with universities in Virginia and California on a fast-tracked critical care molecule and loved getting to know the CRAs in the field. I helped prepare and deliver CANDA systems to the FDA offices, and trained the reviewers in the use of the systems. I’ve always been lucky in that I love what I do.”

Industry mergers and buyouts marked the first chapter, and in 2003 he jumped over to the consulting side of the business. “I had worked as a consultant in the auto industry for six years before the pharma gig as a colleague. I had to relearn how to be a consultant, and what it meant to account for my time. It made me more efficient with my time and has been immensely helpful as a manager.”

Dave became an Engagement Manager within two years, in charge of two large clients and a handful of smaller ones. “We were building the Functional Service Provider model on the fly, and those relationships grew and thrived. It’s very rewarding to foster long term relationships between sponsors and providers - I thought I would miss programming, but I would much rather work with people than data.”

Dave was promoted to Delivery Director, in charge of the entire clinical portfolio. His responsibilities included oversight of Engagement Managers, client interface, recruiting/hiring/training staff to appropriate levels, presenting at industry conferences, strategic internal initiatives, assisting with proposals and meetings with potential clients.

And this is where the K3-Innovations chapter begins. “I had interacted with K3-Innovations over the years at conferences and was really impressed with their investments in technology and individuals. It was an easy decision to join the team. The K3-Innovations philosophy dovetailed perfectly with mine – providing excellent service to an industry where talent is at a premium.”

K3-Innovations is poised to become the leader in the Functional Service Provider arena, and Dave is happy to offer his guidance. “It’s a smaller shift in mindset than some people think, and the benefits to the sponsors are incredible; the ability to retain experienced consultants beyond an artificial time limit, as well as predictability of service make it a viable solution to the industry.”

Dave’s presentations are widely available through PharmaSUG and other sites. Call K3-Innovations today to learn how your organization can benefit from our FSP services.

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