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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is K3 – What can they do for me?

K3-Innovations offers an approach to fit your individual needs, be it a small project or a large filing. K3 brings decades of experience to the table with an innate understanding of how to recruit, staff, lead and maintain a team to accomplish the team’s goals.

How is K3 Different?

K3 is different in all the best ways! We are smaller and more agile than our competition. We have the hands-on experience on our leadership team to craft the perfect solution for your project. Our network is built on over three decades of trust and experience from multiple members of our team.

K3 is a very flat organization. You’re one phone call away from the CEO for all your needs. We are confident and capable enough to collaborate with sponsors of all sizes.

Is this a solution for companies / people like me?

The short answer is YES!! We can easily customize a solution to satisfy your needs. There is no “one size fits all” path, and once we begin we will check in often with progress updates to ensure you’re delighted with our approach.

What services does K3 offer that solve my problem?

While K3 specializes in traditional biometric solutions (Clinical Data Management, Statistical Programming and Biostaticians) we can also find Medical Writers and other Clinical Operations pieces to fill the gaps in your project team. We can offer a Functional Service Provision (FSP) team to augment one particular need, or we can take on an entire study.

Can you provide an example of a solution in action?

Absolutely! Simply let us know what type of project you’re struggling with, and we can point to your one of our current case studies.

How is K3 better than my current provider?

K3’s reputation is earned with making sure our customers are delighted. WIth 100% customer retention over the past eight years and a less than 10% turnover rate, we are confident that we are better than your current provider.

Who is using K3?

K3 is currently working with 7 of the top 20 pharma / biotech companies as well as supplying talent to the top 3 CROs.

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