Health Economic and Outcome Research (HEOR) is a growing field that allows for decision makers (like you) to assess the therapeutic options using statistical knowledge and real life evidence. K3-Innovations understands the importance of making quick and effective decisions. We have a team of experts that analyzes different interventions to determine which is the most effective and cost conscious, in order to help you stay competitive.

Here at K3, our team consists of HEOR professionals that are well versed in predictive analysis models, statistical programming, and real world evidence studies to support decision making in clinical trials. Our experts are proficient in statistical programming languages such as SAS, SQL, and R; and they have experience in designing and developing health economic modelling studies for novel medical devices, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic technologies.


  • Meta Analysis and/or Indirect Treatment comparisons

  • Economic Modelings- BIM, Cost Effectiveness, Burden of Illness, Disease Transition, Statistical Modeling

  • Dossier Development - AMCP, GVD, Compendium

  • Literature Reviews- Systematic, Structured

  • External Stakeholder Engagements - Advisory Panels, Expert Input Forum, Scientific Input Engagement

  • Primary Data Collection - COA Development, HCP or Patient Survey, COA Validation, COA Analysis

  • Feasibility Study - Technology Evaluations Assessments, Interoperability Technology Evaluation Assessments

  • Real World Evidence data mining and analyses

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