PK/PD Analysis is used to determine the most effective concentration of NDA during clinical trials during FTIH, SAD, and MAD stages. We assess and predict dosage requirements and characterize drug exposure based on the rate of metabolic absorption. Population modeling, known as Pop PK/PD, analysis is an essential tool of the drug development process because it allows for a more in-depth knowledge on how drugs affects different populations using different variables.



K3 specializes in conducting proof of concept (POC) studies in special and patient populations. We also develop pharmacodynamics endpoints and laboratory biomarker assays for the evaluation of your early-stage compounds, targeted for a wide variety of therapeutic indications.

  • Non-compartmental analysis and reports

  • using Phoenix WinNonLin/NonMEM

  • Biomarker evaluation and analyses

  • Relational analyses of the PKPD

  • parameters to primary endpoints

  • Pop PK/PD analyses

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